La Carnita

With La Carnita, our agency aimed to create a little buzz. In the end, we happend to create a lot of buzz, and then a little restaurant. A pretty good restaurant at that.

And the story goes… Our agency moved into a new neighbourhood and wanted to turn some heads. So we created a taco pop-up shop in our agency and spread the word with nothing more than an allusive Twitter account and a stripped-down Tumblr page that featured the following Vimeo-hosted video:

From there we amassed a few followers by using some traditional word of mouth tactics. We then tweeted to our followers that we would be popping up in a random location in a few hours to sell limited edition art prints that just happened to come with some limited edition tacos. The entire process was live-tweeted and buzz grew exponentially. Twitter was our primary form of communication and allowed the brand to communicate with thousands of local food/art lovers in addition to local artists and chefs who genuinely wanted to help promote the concept.

After the second pop-up we created a brief video looking back at where La Carnita came from and where we thought it might be going.

Since then the story has cointinued to unravel, resulting in more press, more success, and way more tacos. And 11 months later, our agency opened up a fully functioning restaurant, one of the city’s busiest and most talked about spots. The rest of the story can be found in the bullets below (campaign highlights and media links) but the key takeaway is that we used  a highly targeted Twitter campaign to not only create buzz for our agency, but to also create an actual restaurant.

The Highlights

In its first six months, La Carnita:

  • Was featured by Canada’s top news publishers: The Toronto Star, National Post, CBC, and The Globe and Mail, who named La Carnita one of the top 10 small businesses of 2011
  • Appeared in Toronto’s top culture magazines: Toronto Life, The Grid, NOW Magazine, Marketing Magazine, and Applied Arts
  • Catered events with music groups The National and Neko Case, plus catered a Kahlua liqueur event
  • Was Featured in over 25 food, trend, and culture blogs in Canada and New York, USA
  • Amassed 3,200+ Twitter followers and averaged over one @mention per minute during each pop-up

In the last six months, La Carnita:

  • Now boasts more followers (currently at 5,500+) than Beauty & Essex in New York, USA
  • Has been featured in 19 food, trend, and culture blogs in Toronto
  • Hosted UNO, an art + music + food event in Toronto, with a crowd of 3,000+ people (200% above expectation), #UNO trended on Twitter, and covered by The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, and Grid TO.
  • Has opened a permanent location at 501 College Street in Toronto with a two-hour wait most nights

The Coverage



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